~ An Hour With You~




Memories Etched In Gold

Looking through some papers,
Packed up so very long ago,
Brought memories to my mind,
From the papers I had stowed.

Lord, there is one thing I ask of You,
Please forever let me hold,
These precious memories from long ago,
May they always be etched in Gold.

The letter formed by loving hands,
Are crooked along the lines,
Pictures drawn intently,
Vary in many different kinds.

The unsteady little hands that wrote,
Are now confident grown-up hands,
Yet, the message still holds true.

I want always to remember,
The love that they hold,
And may the precious memories,
Always be etched in Gold.

They convey each passing day,
The love they have for me,
Just as when a little child,
They give their love so free.

The papers of long ago,
Are once again packed away,
Yet the memories brought to mine,
I pray will forever stay.

Little hearts so happily,
Expressed their love in letters bold,
I’ve recaptured precious memories,
That forever will be etched in Gold.

Gayle Davis
July 5, 2003 ©




Music: God Bless The Children

Written By: Patsy Stevens
Permission Granted