~An Hour With You~


 May This New Year Be Special

This year has passed so swiftly by
It will soon be in the past,
And leaving behind some memories
Forever with us to last.

Some of you have had some heartaches
Some are still full of pain,
While others are blessed with blessings
And others stayed the same.

May this New Year bring you happiness
And turn your life around,
May your heart be full and merry
And your soul be Heaven bound.

May God take this pain from you tonight
And every heartache and sorrow to,
And may you be given a brand new beginning
In all the things that you do.

May we all trust a little more in God
For the victories that will be won,
May we all give Him Glory and Honor due Him
For the miracles that will be done.

May each new day that is waiting for you
Bring you, good health this Brand New Year,
And may your heart be filled with sunshine
Just to know that God is near.

Ann HartŠ
Dec27th 2004





Music: "My Prayer"
Music by Margi Harrell
Used With Permission