~ An Hour With You~

Magic Of Love

Iíve seen the magic of love to be,
But long years have worn trust away,
Two hearts made for one another pass,
No more to meet in loves' array.

Two so in love not sharing as one,
No mystery embraces them,
Imprisoned fading love closes hearts,
Doubted's more love for her or him.

To watch lovely dreams weaken and fade,
All sweetness of love in both hearts,
Will subdue, wither the flowering,
Emptiness is left to impart.

The mystery of love's so far away,
Now itís cried loveís an illusion,
Sweet dreams of love so given by both,
And hearts come to this conclusion.

Is love fantasies dreamed long ago,
Why do two hearts no longer share,
I wonder why now they're so empty,
Magic of loves' gone beyond care.

©Sondra McPherson
March 12, 2004




Music: "Emptiness"

Original composition By: Yuko Ohigashi
Permission Granted