~An Hour With You~ 

Made with Love

Aged hands filled,
With a devout love,
Each action committed,
Blessed from above.

Dedicated they place,
The squares in a row,
Laying each one,
In a line to sew.

Faithfully she works,
Throughout the days,
Each stitch she sews,
Sends her love my way.

Pretty roses of blue,
Crafted just for me,
Diligently she toils,
So the quilt I can see.

The beauty she has made,
With oh, such loving hands,
Will endure the ages,
Steadfast in love it stands.

Proudly she presents,
The gift that love binds,
Reminding me always of her love,
Flowing through the sands of time.

In honor of my 93 year old
Mother-in-law, who is like a mother to me
I Love You Mamma!
Gayle Davis
May 5, 2003


midi : "Love Is The Answer"

Used with permission