~An Hour With You~

Inside my heart is an empty space grown frigid over the years without you to keep it warm. The love you gave to me was an eternal flame glowing in an inferno of fiery passion. Heating my soul from inside out with love many find only in a dream. I yearn for you my beloved and my arms still reach for you in the darkness of night. I look to the stars and wish to again be with you my love. I mourn for the love, helplessly lost to the sands of time.
Gayle Davis©

Loving You

Too many years have passed,
For me to return,
Yet the memories haunt,
Controlling my thoughts,
Of a deep love that yearns.

They overtake my mind,
When I least expect,
Forbidden yet so real,
Soft feathery kisses,
You placed upon my neck.

Warm arms hold me,
In the midst of the night,
When we were so young,
Enjoying life to its fullest,
Your love seemed so right.

If only I could return,
To thoughts of yesterday,
I would again be in your arms,
Safe, secure and loved,
In the most wonderful way.

Fate determines our future,
Taking control from our hands,
We only live as it dictates,
Taking what we are allowed,
Our life we cannot command.

I wish that I could go back,
To the good times that we shared,
To live with all the fiery love,
Generated between you and me,
Yet it was not by fate declared.

I will continue pressing onward,
With the haunting memories of you,
Shielding my mind when I can,
Remembering when I must,
The depths of our love so true,

One day I will again,
Be held by your loving arms,
Fate will allow it to be regained,
In a world I have not yet attained,
I will again be blessed by your charms.

Gayle Davis
January 21, 2003

A love lost to the raging river of Alzheimer's Disease

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Music: "Without You

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