~An Hour With You~

Lovely Pink Rose

Lovely pink rose
Perfect petals in a roll
The pink color of softness
Pink roses the meaning of friendship

Friendship filled with majestic love
With a spicy airy fragrance of beauty
Like smelling and seeing a touch of heaven
Combined with the beauty of friendship

Pink roses gives a feeling of serenity
Of comfort, peace and tranquility
A lovely pink rose of friendship and love
Given from one friend to another

The spicy airy smell of the rose
Gives your friend a wonderful
Feeling of safety and security
In a marvelous aroma of love

Sending one lovely pink rose
To your beloved friend
Shows the multitude of love
You have in your heart

The beautiful pink rose given
From one friend to another
Given to each of us by God
To share our undying friendship

For unconditional love
And friendship and respect
Is portrayed by the lovely pink rose

©Donna J. Kramer
Dec. 31, 2004


Music: Because Of You

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given



Assembled By: Donna