~An Hour With You~

Love For You 


Love For You

Sometimes I have so much love for you
I just do not know what to do
The love I've shared with you has been
The most wonderful thing, I could ever do

I feel our love is timeless
And it will last an eternity
Whenever we have a problem
It always seems to mend

Your gentleness and kindness
Are way beyond compare
There's always something in our lives
That we can always share

We have so many memories
That fill both of our minds
They're all so wonderful
And we've had so many marvelous kinds

I'm writing you this poem, my love
To show you  the love
I have for you
My Sweet Loving Husband

Donna J. Kramer



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Music: You Are The Love Of My Life

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given



Assembled By: Donna