~ An Hour With You~


Love’s Fragrant Bloom

I walked thru the patio garden,
Admiring the beauty found there,
I saw the most beautiful of Roses,
Its color was quite a fanfare.

Tall and elegant, majestic in style,
Radiant colors, sweet fragrance in bloom,
Tantalizing smells wafts thru the garden,
Filling corners of the adjacent room.

Loveliest of the lovely,
Grandest of the grand,
Champion of the garden,
Most regal of the land.

Love is the symbol of the flower,
Blends in colors of every hue,
Dozens wrapped in colorful bundles,
Expressions of a love yet true.

I reached for my rose in color draped,
Given from the hand to the heart,
Sweet love brings adoration great,
From whence we will never depart.

Gayle Davis
February 2, 2004 ©


Midi: "The Rose" By Mr. Bob Mace
Permission Granted