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Love's Forgotten Seed

Love’s Forgotten Seed

The ivy climbed the gray stonewall,
Attaching itself in every crevice found,
Faithful throughout numerous years,
Wrapping exterior imperfections ‘round.

The inside had no decorative vines,
To cover and hide its cracks,
Small clefts breaking into crevasses,
Vast in nature from love’s lack.

A happy home in times gone past,
Here children’s laughter often rang aloud,
Where borders lined bright painted walls,
Yet unkempt ivy is its only shroud.

The love within slowly faded,
Yet no one appeared to take heed,
Inside the walls, hearts wilted,
From failure to nourish the seed.

Gayle Davis©
October 23, 2003©

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Music: "A Lifetime Of Moments"©
The background music on this page was composed by
Bjorn Lynne.
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Used With Permission