~An Hour With You~


Lost Within Your Love

Praises are flowing forth from my lips,
touching the heart of My glorious King.
My feet will mightily dance before You.
Getting lost within Your unfailing grace,
as I am swept away by Your strong love.

Once again I'm enraptured by Your joy.
I am swaying to the beat of the rhythm,
as adorations pour from a grateful soul.
As the melody begins to slow down a beat,
you whisper softly, sweetly to my heart.

There is no other place I'd rather be
then lying here in the arms of Jesus.
Carry me away to our place of intimacy,
where all I am is hidden by Your wings,
and all else fades dimly away in a mist.

When I can no longer hear the music play,
no longer am I aware of anyone around me,
I'll know we've reached our destination.
It is there You fill me afresh and anew,
forever I will be, lost within Your love.

©TinasHeart 11/20/01




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