~An Hour With You~


Lost Friendship

Somehow I lost my friend
She just seemed to drift away
I must have done something to her
That sent her on her way

We spent many years together
Sharing our hopes and our dreams
Than our beautiful friendship
Just seemed to melt away

I'm sorry if somehow I hurt you
Forgive me if it was something I said
I tried to be your friend
Help you in every way

I hope someday you may realize
How sad the whole affair has been
To loss our precious friendship
You and I always seemed to share

I hope you know I love you
For you have a piece of my heart
Even though it seems our friendship
Has been torn apart

Remember if you need me
I promise, I'll be there by your side
For you will always
Be my best friend
Until the day, I die

Donna J. Kramer
Feb. 21, 2004




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