~ An Hour With You~

Lonely Soldier

Many nights will find them,
In a bunker filled with fear,
No one to assure them,
Their enemy is not lurking near.

Sleep comes not, for uneasiness,
Is the constant companion in the air,
The fear of shells blasting all around,
Lighting the night with red hued glare.

Whose son, daughter, or brother,
Husband, dad or mom,
Run the risk of not coming home,
Because of a bullet or a bomb?

Oh Lord, the many freedoms,
That I enjoy each day,
Was paid for by the lonely soldier,
Who chooses to serve in harmís way.

While I live in comfort,
Earned by the precious vet,
So many are still paying,
Freedom is endangered yet.

I revere the lonely soldier,
On the sea, land and in the air,
If it were not for their dedication,
My life would not be so fair.

I pray God looks over you,
Protecting you at all cost,
And not one lonely soldier,
Will suffer from any kind of loss.

May your nights be calm,
May you not suffer from fear,
May the ones loved most by you,
Forever in your heart be near.

Thank you beloved soldier,
For giving all you could,
So I could live in freedom,
Beneath the eagleís hood.

Gayle Davis
January 12, 2003 ©


Set created on April 4, 2003
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Midi: "Beat Of The wings"

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© Geoff Anderson
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