~ An Hour With You~

Littlest Engineer

Grab your lunch and come along,
Down to the railroad tracks,
Have to hurry, come on now,
Won’t be long ‘till we get back.

Where is Rover I need him too,
He helps to load up the train,
He works hard all day,
In the sunshine or the rain.

All aboard now take your seat,
Everyone get settled and cozy,
I’ll stoke the engine, build up steam,
Time for this little engine to mosey.

Toot, Toot and Chug a chug,
Hear the whistle and the engine roar,
Now my friends come, come along,
We will ride and ride some more. 

Gayle Davis
September 6, 2004©




Artwork~Currier & Ives ~1860 era
Train animations courtesy of ~
Lane's train page
Music: "I've Been Working On the Railroad"© A Magical Musical Place For Children Sequenced By: Eugene Hayek© Original Sounds by: Eugene Hayek© Used With Permission