~ An Hour With You~

Painting "Life Span"   Tom Sierak


Little One

  Little hand tucked in mine,
Wandering along lost in time.
Little feet leaving prints in the sand,
Creating images that only a child can.
Little eyes looking to see,
All the love emitting from me.

Little lips curved into a smile,
Envelops my world for countless miles.
Little heart so pure and kind,
Capture my heart and invade my mind.
Little words spoken so very soft,
In their sounds I am totally lost.

Little arms encompass and tightly hold,
Completely swallow me body and soul.
Little child God sent to earth,
You have imprisoned my heart since your birth.
Little body in your innocent ways,
Will forever linger in all of my days.

Gayle Davis




Copyright Back Street Designs, 2000,2001

Music: "Memories"
Midi Haven
Sequenced By: Deb Ackley
Permission Granted