~ An Hour With You~

Little Girl's Good Night Prayer

Here I am Lord
To say my good-night prayer
I brought my friends
My dolls and teddy bear

You promised me you answer prayer
When ever we come to you
So here we are Lord
Me, my dolly and my teddy bear

We thought we'd pray for peace
So the world would stay healthy and strong
And all the people in the world
Would start to get along

We want to pray for Mommy and Daddy
My baby brother and little sister too
And if you have some extra time
Please take care of us too

I know we've asked for and awful lot
And we didn't thank you
For the wonderful things you do
So thank you for loving us

But most of all letting us love you
For without your loving care
We just don't know what we would do
Goodnight Lord and thank you

Donna J. Kramer
April 23, 2004


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