~ An Hour With You~

Little Baby, Jesus Loves You

Beautiful little baby,
Eyes are black and blue,
Precious little baby,
Jesus still loves you.

Arm hanging by your side,
Broken in a fit of rage,
Innocent little baby,
Suffering at your tender age.

Marks dot your fair skin,
Bruises begin to show,
Placed there by parentís hands,
When their anger began to flow.

Innocent little baby,
Your cries were ignored too,
Sweet, precious little baby,
Jesus will always love you.

Fear shows in your eyes,
When anyone comes near,
Oh precious little baby,
You are so very dear.

No one will hurt you now,
You are safe in others care,
It is so sad you suffered harm,
Yet such acts are not so rare.

Gayle Davis
April 8, 2003 ©


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This web set is dedicated
to all abused and maltreated children
I have a webpage I made a few years ago
for this same reason
child abuse
God bless all the innocent
children that suffer everyday
My heart goes out to each one
Marge Harrell info:
Music: "Jesus Medley"

By" Margi Harrell Permission Granted