~ An Hour With You~

As we drew closer to see a loved one,
I felt such beauty among us,
My heart lingered as I sensed salvation,
Seeing white lilies of Jesus.

Beautiful bouquets of lilies all ‘round,
A love's favored flower to share,
And I was amazed and felt a great awe,
For I’d been to the Lord in prayer.

My heart went out to his loved ones so dear,
And while standing there, I sensed Love,
The Lord said to me, ”Yes, he’s here with Me,”
I knew his spirit went Above.

Yes, he’s in Glory and the scent is sweet,
As the lovely white lilies give,
It’s wondrous how the Lord shows many ways,
When a loved one's gone Home to live.

Heaven's bells ring peace and joy and sweet love,
May his dear ones I pray God bless,
Joy sings in my heart for he is Home now,
Carried by angels to Jesus.

©Sondra McPherson
August 5, 2004
*In Memory*

Image is from Stock Xchng
Photo by LynnC

Music: "God Has Touched Me"

By: Dan Zigler and Elton Smith
Permission Granted