~An Hour With You~


Like Peas In A Pod

Woke up this morning
With joy filling my heart
Knew something wonderful
Was about to come into my life

Thought about my Internet friends
How wonderful and special they are
Even though I never see them
Have to communicate from afar

I thought I'd talk to God
To find out what was on His mind
He said, You're my special children
I love you all, the way you are

But I've got a sense of humor
So I brought you together
To fill each other's, lives with joy
Love, understanding and care

Remember I have a sense of humor
So I made you all the same
To love with one heart and mind
Which makes you, like peas in a pod

Even though someday, you may drift apart
I promise you'll always be in each other's hearts
You'll always be my special children
Always like peas in a pod

©Donna J. Kramer
Sept 3, 2004


Music: Until The End Of Time

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Given


Page Assembled By: Donna