~ An Hour With You~



Like Heaven's Flower

Sweet little girl made like heaven’s flower,
Beautiful smile and dainty face,
Lovely dark hair flowing over her back,
She’s delicately graced as lace.

Soft little dimple adorns just one cheek,
As she breaks out with a laughter,
Her eyes sparkle too with a big surprise,
Only to hug you thereafter.

A daughter who’s like you all the way through,
Oh Yes she’s so blessed from Above,
Just think back how tiny she was to hold,
Precious to always have her love.

Like heaven’s flower she’s blossomed each day,
But e’er will be your little girl,
Today she’s a lovely gentle woman,
And so priceless, just like God’s pearl.

©Sondra McPherson
July 28, 2003
~Our Daughter~

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