~An Hour With you~


Letter From A Soldier

Mom, I'm writing you
To tell I'm all right
Don't worry about me, Mom
I think I will be home soon

We were sent to war
To try to make the world
A safer, gentler place
In these terrible times

Mom, tell the American people
To stop and say a prayer
For all their boys and girls
Who are stuck fighting in this war

Mom, if by any chance
I don't get to come home
Just remember this is the path
That God wanted me to be on

Tell everyone to remember
It is God who protects us
And keeps America free
Tell them to keep God in America
Than our country will always stay free

So God Bless America
Which gave me the right
To be the very best
That I could possibly be

Thanks Mom, for giving me life
But most of all Mom
Thanks for loving me
For without your love and support

I could not be who, I was meant to be
I love you and Dad, Mom
Your Loving son

Donna J. Kramer
Aug 13, 2004

Dedicated to our son, Vince
Written from his letters
From Iraq during the first war

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Music: On The Wings Of Love

Sequenced By: Jack Hall



Assembled By: Donna