~ An Hour With You~

Dedicated To Jason Seretti "My Dad".



"Let’s Talk …Dad"

Lets take it back to the days
When I was younger
I had a passion….I had a hunger

All I ever wanted was shelter
From the thunder
That’s when you came and
Picked me up from under

I was just a little boy somewhere
Around seven… when mom met you
…….a gift sent from heaven

It was sort of a miracle ….or
Maybe a blessin', cause she found a
Man, to teach me "Manly Lessons"

I remember the first glance of
You my eyes ever took…as I lay
In bed I woke up and took a look

There you were sittin', with
My mom…and for some reason I
Never felt a feelin', of harm

All I could feel was a sense of
Comfort…I knew in an instant
You felt my hunger

You took me under your wing as
If I were your own, I was "Your Son"
My face must have shone

On came your fire, and all your
Ambitions, tryin' to give me all
Of my wishes…..
You did what you could to
Keep a young boy happy…
I even remember wrestling
With you and my pappy

Yeah, I took a whippin'…but
I kept on stickin'. Trying to pin
You down, with me there was
No quittin'

Then the day came when I
Stripped on the pads…nothin'
Made you happier, you seemed
So glad…......

You began to teach
Me skills…that I never had
Now I’m a ball player…I’m
Not all that bad

Every single day, you took me out
To play…rather football
In the street…. Or whatever
Came our way

Well, then I started growing
Becoming my own man…you
Knew your role, and let me
Play my own hand….

By my side you stood
Watching..... all along
Made me feel real good
…Like somewhere I belong

On come my teenage years…
I’m sure you had your fear
Me meeting girls and stuff
And driving, was inching near

Then one day it hit me.....
I am a man…dad you did your
Best and here is where I stand

I know you’ve done some things
In your life so far … this is for sure
But, you always loved me "Most’
From the day that I was yours

Whether times were good, or
When they were bad…at days
End, I went to sleep knowing
…......I loved my dad

Now things are so crazy…you
Layin' in that bed, I wish you
Could feel my pain, or see what's
In my head

But if you don’t pull through
And your soul lays down to
Rest…... Please know that you
were a "Great Dad"…you always
Did your best

I don’t care what you have done
In the past, or the things going on
Right now…but if your soul
Must rest, I won’t forget your

If you must leave me, just know
You did your job…I am a "Man’
Because of you, for that I just
Thank God

I‘ll love you forever, and it
Won’t ever change…we were
Destined to be together, and
That can’t be explained

I won’t ever forget you dad
And the special times between
You and I .......
I really do love you
And for now, it’s just

Emanuel J. Murphy
Copyright © 2004
"Written For My Dad While In Coma"

Isaiah 43:2
When thou passest through the
Waters, I will be with thee, and
Through the rivers, they shall
Not overflow thee, when thou
Walkest through the fire, thou
Shall not be burned; neither shall
The flame kindle upon thee.


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