~ An Hour With You~


Hello little angel,
Let me be your guide,
Together we will fly,
And down a rainbow glide.

I have a great way to travel,
My team is butterflies,
They carefully pull me along,
As we journey through the sky.

It is fun to soar o'er clouds,
In the rain clouds we play,
Then fly toward the sun,
Our wings dry quickly that way.

It is fun to play in the heavens,
Jesus loves us children so,
He takes such wonderful care,
And watches wherever we go.

So come with me my new found friend,
The universe is our playground,
We are safe anywhere we fly,
God's love completely surrounds.

Gayle Davis
September 27, 2004©


Graphics © 2003
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Music: "Come Fly With Me"

Sequenced By: Les Gorven
Permission Granted