~ An Hour With You~

Lessons learned years ago,
When I was small in size,
Has made me grow up to know,
Those women were so wise.

Sitting 'round the quilting frames,
Needles busy as stitches were made,
Me hiding 'neath the quilt,
Listening as details are relaid.

Talking about a neighbor,
And things they did, not right,
I quietly sat and soaked it in,
As they related quite a sight.

Wanting at times to giggle,
At things the women told,
Yet I had to quell these feelings,
Or they would quickly scold.

I learned a lot of different things,
Hiding 'neath that quilt on the frames,
The knowledge gathered there,
Gave me a heads-up on life's game.

I learned how to cook and sew,
How to handle a mule and plow,
How to please your man at night,
And not to dress so dour.

I learned how to welcome neighbors,
How not to be a prude,
To be happy and helpful,
Upon folks you don't intrude.

I learned while sitting quietly,
Out of sight and out of mind,
You need to watch what you say,
Always let your words be kind.

While the needles sew the stitches,
Let the tongue a pattern sow,
Set forth seeds of knowledge,
Helping others to grow.

Gayle Davis
October 9, 2004






Music: "Impressions"

Original Composition By: Mel Webb
Permission Granted