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"Kris Krinkle"

Sighing…..as he sat, to check his list
Kris Krinkle looked a little weary
Concerned about making enough toys
To make everyone’s Christmas, Merry

Across the room on his work benches
Were pieces of wood, every where
With busy Elves using their wrenches
Rushing, to finish each toy…with care

At the window Kris saw the snow falling
While the fireplace was comfy and warm
Peering out, he shook his head slightly
Hoping there wouldn't be…a snow storm

Mrs. Krinkle was busy brewing hot coffee
And tending to the Reindeer, outside
Making sure that they would be ready
For their long, cold winter’s night ride

Kris Krinkle then said to his Missus’
Are the Candies and Pop Corn all done
For I have to fill up the stockings…..
And there must be enough for everyone

With that… he pulled on his red coat
Then placed his hat, on his head
The Elves were still very busy, piling
Bags of toys and goodies, on his sled

Kris krinkle began to feel the excitement….
He felt every year on Christmas Eve
Fulfilling wishes…from letters he was sent
For all the children…who believed!

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright © 2004


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Music: "Jingle Bells (Traditional)"

Sequenced By: Harry Todd (gitpicker)
Used With Permission