~ An Hour With You~


Kept In Perfect Peace

When troubles surround,
I find my strength is gone,
I start to fret and worry,
Forgetting I'm not alone.

The one that gave me substance,
Is standing by my side,
He will safely carry me through,
When in His trust I abide.

He will give me peace within,
Calmness will reign in my soul,
Jesus Christ my loving King,
Will abort turbulent control,

Kept in perfect peace,
Treasured tranquility I find,
Upon my knees in prayer,
Jesus makes turmoil benign.

Christ is my security,
Covers me in sacred fleece,
His love stills my heart,
I am kept in perfect peace.

Gayle Davis
October 2, 2004



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Music: "Give Him Your Cares"

By: Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Permission Granted