~ An Hour With You~

Keeper Of  The Stars

As I smile with your arms around me,
I feel the sweet power of Love,
And know God's the Keeper of the stars,
Oh my Lord sent you from Above.

And I thank Him for such joy and love,
For I feel excitement all 'round,
Such happiness singing in my heart,
Yes my Lord has made our love sound.

How I smile with you holding my heart,
Yes I believe in you and me,
For the Keeper of the stars is Love,
And my Lord has made us to be.

He's guided our pathways to true love,
Assuring us we would be one,
How the Keeper of the stars e'er shines,
My Lord made the moon, stars, and sun.

My prayer has been answered forever,
Iíll have you near me for just hours,
The Keeper of the stars has all dreams,
How my Lord gives us love showers.

Iím on cloud nine wrapped in heavensí arms,
I see loveís beautiful flowers,
Our love will last Oh forever as,
God is the Keeper of the stars.

©Sondra McPherson
September 27, 2004

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Music: "Sweet Dreams"

Sequenced By: Don Carroll
Used With Permission