~An Hour With You~


Life is a journey
Given to us by God Almighty
To grow in his majestic love
And his marvelous understanding

To learn to love ones neighbors
As we love ourselves
Forgiving those who hurt us
Realizing it is in the valley we grow
Not on the mountains tops

Fighting for our Holy Father's
Moral and loving standards
Not sticking our heads in the sand
While watching our world decay

Fighting for our love of God
As we would fight for our earthly family
Realizing we must join in on our life's journey
To succeed in our growth of faith and love

We may have to fight the serpent
That seems to engulf our world
For the love of our Heavenly Father
During our journey of life

To obtain our marvelous reward
Of life ever lasting in heaven

Donna J. Kramer
July 13, 2004




Music: Journey

Permission Granted
by: Margi Harrell


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