~An Hour With You~



Jesus Loves Me

I know Jesus loves me
Cause my Mommy told me so
Told me he knew my name
Before I was even born

Mommy says he hears my prayers
He helps me know right from wrong
I know this must be true
For if he didn’t really love me
He wouldn’t care what I say or do

I know Jesus loves my Mommy
My daddy, sisters and brothers too
He has so many things to teach us
But Mommy says, that depends on you

When I lay my head down to sleep
I always pray for my soul to kept
And pray please send angels to watch
Over me while I sleep

My Mommy has told me stories
Of Jesus’ great love for me
But I always knew he did
In my little girl heart you see

Yes, Jesus loves me
Because Mommy and the bible
Tells me of his great love
Now I can tell the whole world

©Donna J. Kramer
Dec. 19, 2004





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Music: Jesus Melody

Permission Granted By:
Margi Harrell



Assembled: By: Donna