~ An Hour With You~ 

Jesus Is Always There

I felt as though a baby,
Weak and without command,
Yet in my darkest moment,
God said, “I understand”.

My weakness grew into strength,
My dependency grew into authority,
The darkness grew radiant,
God encouraged me with blessed ability.

Jesus never left me in my time of need,
I wandered from Him in my seeking,
Lovingly the Lord waited for my return,
He knew my voice would call beseeching.

I looked to the Savior,
He was in waiting of me,
I called out His sweet name,
Christ was there, I failed to see.

My heart belongs to Jesus,
I am a Child of God, so blest,
In deep despair I wandered,
Yet returned to that I know best.

Gayle Davis
February 20, 2004©








Music: "You're Always There"
Words and Music By: Rhesa Siregar,
Paul Gentry and Elton Smith
Used With Permission