~ An Hour With You ~


Jesus In My Mirror

I looked in the mirror
Yet couldn't see my face
I saw the face of Jesus
Looking at me in my place.

He could see my weary frown
Discontent was in my eyes
I didn't say a single word
But I felt he heard my cries.

He knew that I had many needs
Only his love could fulfill
Somehow frozen in my silence
As I stood there very still.

The Holy Spirit took over
Body light as it could be
I knew his precious smiling face
Forever would stay with me.

A blanket of comfort shrouded me
His eyes filled my heart with love
I knew he cam to help me
From his Heavenly home above.

When you look into the mirror
See yourself as someone worthwhile
God will lift your burdens
And show your lips how to smile.

Ginny Bryant 

Journey of Love

Music Playing is "Hope" From
Music by Margi Harrell