~ An Hour With You~



Jesus, You Know


Jesus, You know the heartaches of loss,
The mournfulness we all go through,
Our need of understanding’s so great,
And we want our loved one here too.

We feel Your sweet Love and thank You so,
For You never leave us alone,
Yes, we’re happy our love’s Home with You,
Healed and whole before Heaven’s Throne.

Jesus, You know the sorrows in hearts,
Grief and heavy despair tarry,
All things have changed and life’s not the same,
We praise You each time You carry.

You give sweet beauty for ashes now,
And the oil of joy for mourning,
Garments of praise for life’s heaviness,
Oh Lord Your Touch is adorning.

Jesus, You know quite well this valley,
Yet You comfort us from our fears,
Absent from body’s presence with You,
We know the sting’s our burning tears.

Thank You for hope that outshines sorrows,
For everlasting life’s our peace,
You are the resurrection and life,
And to You our love we release.

©Sondra McPherson
December 5, 2004
*In Memory of Becky Rence' Dad*




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