~ An Hour With You~


  "It Seems Like …Only Yesterday!"

It seems like only yesterday
Yet it has been so many years
When we were young and restless
With a lot of hope and no fears

We’d gather together, after school
Discussing our plans for the night
The guys stood around, looking cool
Girls applying their lipstick, just right

We used to love to ride in cars
Blaring our radios real loud….
Meeting at dances, going to shows
Doing everything with the crowd

We did the "Twist" and "Mashed Potatoes"
"The Limbo" and sometimes "The Jerk"
We loved to "Pony" around the dance floor
Trying out new steps, making them work

We loved to stop for a bite to eat
Especially at "Hamburger Joe’s"
Sitting around …talking all night
Until they were ready to close

We always went to the ball games
Cheering real loud for our team
Trying to catch all the attention
From the guy we called a "Dream"

Our days were filled with good things
Laughter, fun, respect, and care
And if you really needed something
You could bet, we’d all be there

We couldn’t wait to grow up, then
Rushing through those times, so great
Yet if we could go back, one more time
I’d leap at the chance and... not hesitate!

Judith Johnson Kypta
Copyright ©

Music: "In The Still Of The Nite"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Used with Permission