~ An Hour With You~

Itís One Of Those Nights

Itís one of those nights I feel a glow,
Like the sun's rays glimmer through,
Oh beautiful days shining and warmed,
So like my heart needs loved too.

And I can't take my eyes off of you,
I know it's one of those nights,
We're so in tune we hear music play,
I know how your heart invites.

And I know that youíre feeling my love,
That your heart is pounding wild,
For itís one of those nights for you too,
While on the pillows weíre piled.

As we turn to look at each other,
Sweetly weíre smiling Oh yes,
While we curl Ďround having our close time,
Itís one of those nights so blest.

I know these hands that stir up romance,
So lost in your eyes so true,
Passionís warmth flows to soothe our beings,
Itís one of those nights loveís you.

©Sondra McPherson
February 6, 2004

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Music:  "Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You

Sequenced By: Jack Hall Used With Permission