~ An Hour With You~

It's Christmas Time

The scent of the Christmas tree,
Lingers throughout the room,
Everything is silent and still,
Except the holiday tunes.

Sitting and watching the lights,
As they brightly glow,
Flashing rainbow colors,
Then dimming to a soft color show.

The smell of Christmas goodies,
Are tantalizing and sweet,
Impatience crowds my being,
Waiting till time to eat.

Presents wrapped in pretty paper,
Displayed beneath the tree,
Will entertain the children,
And fill their souls with glee.

All this is good and together,
We will make family ties bind,
As we share our love,
Creating memories in the mind.

ęGayle Davis
December 10, 2001

java script courtesy of Kurt Grigg

Music: "Jolly Saint Nicholas (Traditional)"

Sequenced By: Harry Todd (Git Picker)
Used With Permission