~An Hour With You~



Island Dream

She lived on a beautiful Island
Blue crystal clear water
Walking on  a warm sandy beach
Lovely birds singing and flying around

She was dressed in a flowered wrap
Which made even the birds unafraid
Making the birds fly up to her
Sometimes even sitting on her shoulder

Evenings on the beautiful Island
Were the very best and blessed
For the beauty of the moon
Shining on the beautiful ocean

Gave such a feeling of peace
A feeling of wonder in the oceans beauty
Which she knew was created by God
That she was given the blessing to see

Oh, what a wonderful Island dream
For God gave her this special blessing
To see a glance into heaven
At least what one part of heaven might be

Donna J. Kramer
Aug 24, 2004










Tineke Graphics


Music: God Has Touched Me

By: Dan Zigler and Elton Smith
Permission Given




Assembled By: Donna