~ An Hour With You~


Aglow with brilliance the Christmas tree,
In the midst of a forest scene,
With animals dazed in wonderment,
O Innocent Light so serene.

A peaceful hush with excitement stirs,
For born was the Christ Child this night,
A Star guiding, angels heralding,
O Innocent Lightís illumined bright.

Glory to the sweet Lamb of Godís shone,
All live and know of His Presence,
Softly His tenderness ever glows,
O Innocent Light's warmed essence.

Overwhelming awe and reverence,
Mesmerizes this meadow sight,
Beloved beauty of the Christ Child's birth,
O Innocent Light brings delight.

How the Christmas tree's beauty reveals,
The magnificent hues agleam,
Adorned's the Lordís Own Birth Divine,
O Innocent Light is Supreme.

How the precious animals of God,
Simply bask in the Beauteous,
And always honor the Christ Childís Birth,
O Innocent Light Glorious.

©Sondra McPherson
November 29, 2004










Music: "So Glorious"

Original Songs By MidiSandy©
Used With Permission