~ An Hour With You~


 Indiana Lady

There's a sweet Indiana Lady,
Who lives up and across,
The States from us.
She is a very sweet special friend,
She's as precious as she can be.

She has a gentle sweet heart,
That brightens up everyone's day,
For Sondra's filled with God's love,
And she shares it with us everyday.

A heart so full of love,
God, lets her sprinkle her love around,
A magnificent angel unaware,
For all of us to love.

She is ever helpful,
Willing as can be,
She does fill the gap,
Always helping eagerly.

God smiles as He sees her,
Going about in her angelic way,
Putting another jewel in her crown,
He will reward her one day.

Spreading goodness daily,
Singing God's praise to all,
She remembers to thank Jesus,
For He answers when she calls.

A child of the King so proclaimed,
He is her everything,
Forever and A day she worships Him
He is her most Beloved King.
*Dedicated to Sondra*
By: Your Cyber Friends



Music: "Adoration"

Words by Rick Founds
Music by Rhesa Siregar,
Paul Gentry and Elton Smith
Permission Granted