~ An Hour With You~

Seems like this is my new home,
Sometimes I am not very good.
I am curious and energetic,
I try to be behave like I should,

I stay in this ole corner,
More than I stay out,
Seems all I do is wrong,
It makes my mommy shout.

I am just a busy child,
But in the wrong places,
I like to look at things,
See the looks on peoples faces.

I guess I will just sit and stare,
My head resting on my chin,
I know when I am sitting here,
No trouble will I be in.

I hope tomorrow I am good,
That the rebel takes a break,
I don't know what I am to do,
Trouble follows in my wake.

Dear Lord look down on me,
I am just a little child,
Help me to be good today,
Leave the corner empty for a while.

Gayle Davis
September 15, 2004©

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Music: "Que Sera Sera"
Diversi-Tune™ Midi Files
Sequenced By: Bill Basham
Permission Granted