~ An Hour With You~

In My Heart

In my heart I can hear You calling,
And I know Your love's abiding,
What would you have me do for You Lord,
I'm willing, I sense You're guiding.

How I feel Your Spirit within me,
The anguish of losing a soul,
I know now You are asking that I,
Pray this family to be whole.

In my heart I can hear Your weepings,
Oh I too feel my tears falling,
I will pray any time my sweet Lord,
To heed others to Your calling.

Yes I know of loved ones who are lost,
And Iíll keep praying for them too,
I'm thankful Your Sweet Spirit's drawing,
Leading them e'er gently to You.

In my heart all I hear are sorrows,
Loved ones turning away from You,
Without You there is no hope in life,
I'm willing to pray all those through.

Oh Jesus my heart goes out to You,
I love You with all that's in me,
And I want all to know Youíre Love and,
Have hearts full of new life so free.

Sondra McPherson
December 14, 2004



Music: "In All Our Dreams"
Words By: Lorraine Gordon

By: Elton Smith and Lorraine Gordon
Used With Permission