~ An Hour With You~

In A Summer Place

We smell the sweetest fragrance of flowers,
An enchanting moon brings the glow,
In a summer place it overpowers,
All around love seems to grow.

We see the charm encircle to ignite,
How we need to touch face to face,
As our hearts desire, love's song plays in flight,
And we kiss in a summer place.

To keep each other close it seems is ours,
It's a summer place's image,
As we look out the window seeing stars,
How sparkling our love's sweet adage.

For years we've been one in a summer place,
We're so blessed our love won't sever,
Among beautiful scents and things of lace,
We've love's sweetest romance ever.

We look ‘round to see all God's beauty now,
Our hearts so fulfilled and complete,
Tears stream down our faces remembering how,
In a summer place love's so sweet.

Sondra McPherson
February 14, 2004©

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