~An Hour With You~




Important Things Are Free

Do you know
Important things are free
Like loving God
Spending time with loved ones

Playing with your children
Having friends
Rolling down a hill
Watching children laugh

Collecting fire flies
Walking on the beach
Having a picnic
Looking at the stars
With the one that you love

Seeing what you can see
Looking In the clouds
Going fishing
And throwing them back in

Why is it people think it is
What you have that makes you happy
Don't they know the most important
Things in the world are free

It is whom you love and who loves you
And all this love is free
So come take a free walk with me
And I'm sure you will see

How much fun it can be
When we do all these special things
That are always there for us
And there always free

Donna J. Kramer


Music: "Memories"

By: Margi Harrell
Permission Granted