~ An Hour With You~

If You Need Me

If you need me you know I am here,
For my heartís still crying such tears,
And Iím sorry our loveís come and gone,
I must hold on, weíve been one years.

If you need me just call and Iíll come,
Oh to be near you one time more,
The many years Iíve really presumed,
You my love, knocking at my door.

If you need me please donít hesitate,
Iíll do anything just for you,
My heart is longing with such a hope,
Only since Iím wanting you too.

If you need me any time at all,
Iím waiting here with my heartís song,
You know how much I still love you so,
Iíll be here, I donít care how long.

If you need me Iíll truly be thrilled,
Iíll be happy to see your smile,
And expecting in truth so much more,
Do you believe we'll be awhile?

©Sondra McPherson
July 12, 2004


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Music: "If"

By: Jack Hall Permission Granted