~ An Hour With You~

As I look upon the ocean,
While winds blow up a breeze,
I hear whispers set in motion,
Lord, I bow to my knees.

Every day I sit here praying,
Oh Lord, I'm Yours to be,
Tell me to Heed what You're saying,
If ever You need me.

As I hear the sounds of beauty,
Lord, I know they're from Thee,
Since You open doors with Your Key,
In awe I'll ever be.

The waves are coming in closer,
Lord, I'll pray and agree,
For You're the Divine Endorser,
If ever You need me.

For I love You with all my heart,
And I'll help those in need,
Any time my prayers I'll impart,
Lord, let me plant a seed.

Lord, thank You for using me now,
Your vessel sends a plea,
And to Heaven flows my new vow,
If ever You need me.

©Sondra McPherson
August 3, 2004

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Music: "If"

Sequenced By: Jack Hall
Permission Granted