~ An Hour With You~

I Will Meet You In Heaven

I believe in God the Father
I believe in Jesus the Son,
I believe in the Holy Spirit
For they are three in one.

I believe Jesus gave His life
For a very lost sinner like me,
I believe He died at Calvary
So everyone could be set free.

I believe in full salvation today
As it was in days of old,
I believe the story of Jesus
Was the best to ever be told.

I believe I am going to heaven
Because Jesus, said it would be,
And because I gave my heart to Him
I will live with Him in eternity.

I believe too, I will meet you there
Because He has your heart today,
I believe in the coming rapture
That will take us home someday.

Written By Ann Hart July 15th 2004
Copyrighted For Gods Glory.

Music: "Face To Face"

By: Russell Adams, Elton Smith and Larry Holder
Used With Permission