~ An Hour With You~




In Loving Memory of Amanda


I Wept

I wept for I could no longer,
Walk into your room,
Arousing you from a deep sleep,
Watching your bright smile came to bloom.

I wept because there will be no more,
Chumming around with your sis,
Or being teased by your brother,
I wept for I knew we could not face this.

I wept for my heart is breaking,
I am aching and words cannot explain,
The feelings inside my heart,
Nor the depth of my agonizing pain.

I wept for the loss of a child,
Nothing can ever replace,
There is a void in my life
I wept for the need to see your face.

I wept when I looked out the window,
I saw a day clear and blue,
I wept for I donít know how,
I will live another day without you.

I wept for my soul has become empty,
It is so hard to face the new day,
I wept for a family shattered,
As life, left and death took you away.

Gayle Davis
July 17, 2004©

Dedicated To Cindy




Song: Ten Thousand Angels

Vocal By: Juanitta
Permission Granted

 Ten Thousand Angels Written By  Lynn Cooper