~ An Hour With You~

 As I look out my window I feel,
You'll be there for me one day,
For the Lord's deemed you and me to be,
And I wait for you His Way.

Its such an endless time of waiting,
One I'll never understand,
Yet each time I look through that window,
I wait for you in God's Hand.

My love flies like a wind through the heavens,
Shadowing God's path much more,
And if you've visions of me my love,
I wait for you at my door.

Through my eyes of love I've dreamed of you,
And the clouds breezed me around,
I will say my heart's been flying by,
Now I wait for you earthbound.

And I know in my heart you're for me,
I stay close along side God,
Even though love seems so far away,
I wait for you in loves' awe.

As I look out my window I see,
Your heart and mine just as one,
God's blessing you and me tenderly,
I'll wait for you till loves' won.

©Sondra McPherson
October 4, 2004



Music: "Love Theme"

Permission Granted By: Les Gorven