~ An Hour With You~

 I Think Of You

I think of you in the morning,
Wondering who you are,
And why do I feel like singing,
When I wish on a star.

I think of you each afternoon,
While my heart questions why,
Where are you and will you come soon,
I take deep breaths and sigh.

I think of you most every night,
And I know true love's grand,
But then again you aren't in sight,
I wish you were my man.

I think of you and love's blessing,
Given by God we'll be,
So in love there'll be no guessing,
Our dreams of joy we'll see.

I think of you and tell you now,
Our love will ne'er sever,
My Lord only knows when and how,
We'll be one forever.

Sondra McPherson
April 7, 2004



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Music: Missing You

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