~ An Hour With You~

I Think Of Jesus

I think of Jesus with hope in my heart,
Oh how He loves you and me,
He knew He came to die and then impart,
Everlasting life to be.

Did you know He suffered great drops of blood,
In the Garden while praying,
He knew the blasphemous mire would soon flood,
With Judasí kiss betraying.

The agonies before Him so ghastly,
An angel strengthened Jesus,
The hour at hand, He drank íthat cupí lastly,
The Fatherís Son redeemed us.

He tells His life was come to sacrifice,
Crucified between two thieves,
"Today, with Me youíll be in Paradise,"
Yet, only one thief believes.

With Jesus our new existence began,
Resurrection lifeís for us,
Our Lord gave His life as the Son of Man,
So loved, I think of Jesus.

©Sondra McPherson
March 18, 2003


Music: "He"
Midi Haven
Sequenced By: Eleanor Adams
Used with Permission