~ An Hour With You~


Oh do you see what I see,
Mommy's sitting on Santa's knee,
We should not be peeping,
Shoot, Dad's gonna be weeping.

We crept down from upstairs,
Caught them totally unawares,
It was late into the night,
Santa was hugging mommy tight.

It must have been a lot of fun,
The presents all wrapped and done,
Mommy was all filled with smiles,
Did not know anyone was awake for miles.

Shame on mommy, for we did see,
Her kissing Santa 'neath the Christmas tree,
He picked her up and swung her 'round,
They acted like a couple of clowns.

I sure am glad Daddy's not home,
He thought he left us and mommy alone,
Santa and Mommy would quiver and quake,
If they saw us standing here wide awake.

Their secret is sure safe with me.
I'll not tell a soul you see,
The man in the red suit has all the toys
He holds the string to my Christmas joys.

One day I will tell her o
f the midnight sight,
When old Santa Claus held her real tight,
How I stood in the darkness quite as a mouse,
The night old Santa sneaked in the house.

Gayle Davis
December3, 2004

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Music: "I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Clause"

Sequenced by: Don Carroll
Used With Permission