~ An Hour With You~

It's so good to remember Christmas,
With my Daddy and Mother,
The sweet old ornaments on the tree,
My two sisters and brother.

We had such fun laughing and singing,
Decorating here and there,
And Mother always baked for just days,
Delicious scents everywhere.

I remember Christmas past with all,
It was a wonderful time,
We prayed together thanking Jesus,
Our hearts were truly sublime.

Sometimes groups of carolers would stop by,
Sing of Jesus sweet glory,
There were many tears of joy shed too,
Touching was Jesus' Story.

I remember Christmas past always,
Our family together,
We loved, laughed and cried, the best of times,
Nothing we couldn't weather.

Now my Mother, Daddy and brother,
Are in Heaven with Jesus,
I miss them yet I'm happy they're Home,
They've the best of all Christmas.

©Sondra McPherson
December 17, 2003


Image used is from SXC
Music: "Hallelujah Chorus"

Used With Permission